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Project Aims

The aim of this project is to produce a simulation of the Elliott 803 computer that is capable of running original 803 programs (provided they can be made available as system files rather than real paper tapes). In particular it is an aim to run ALGOL 60 programs using the original Elliott ALGOL compiler and achieve correct results.

The project has been written in Java to enable it to run easily on most systems and the user interface elements have been written as simple Java Swing interfaces. Some elements of the interface such as the operator console have been made to look and work in a manner very similar to the real 803 version (as far as the Swing interface allows); other elements such as the paper tape readers and punches are just simple implementations to allow easy operation and don't look anything like the real thing.

The simulation can be set to run at a very close approximation to the speed of a real 803B complete with authentic console speaker sounds, or can be set to run as fast as the implementation allows - which can be useful for speeding up tedious operations such as loading the large compiler tapes.

Notable Omissions

The following elements of the Elliott 803 are currently not implemented in this project.

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